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Whether he's opening for artists such as Kanye West and Usher or spinning at some of the nation's top nightclubs, DJ Spontaneous' only goal is to make the party the best night of your life.  Regardless of the age of the crowd, he knows how to keep both the young and mature on their feet all night with today's hits and old school hits from all genres.  As a true turntablist, Spontaneous can scratch, blend, and mix in ways few DJs can.  We guarantee when you choose DJ Spontaneous, you're choosing an experience of a lifetime.


DJ Spontaneous believes your event should be the best party of your life. He'll set your mind at ease during the planning phase and keep your guests on the dance floor with his unique mixing style. As the the Corporate DJ for Saks Fifth Avenue (ATL), Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, BMI and more! He uses his nightclub and radio experience to bring an authentic party to your event.

DJ spontaneous

No lie... The best, most fun day of our entire lives...As my new husband and I were finishing up our pictures, I could just hear the bass bumping through the clubhouse. Anytime the doors opened to the outside, just screams of joy/fun/enthusiasm and excitement from our guests flooded to the outside. I remember thinking, "I CANNOT wait to get in there!!!" When I finally made it to the reception, the best night of my life truly began. Jermaine has the unique and unbelievable ability to read the crowd, use the sound board to make incredible transitions, and he kept everyone dancing ALL night long. I'm serious, people didn't even eat my cake, neglected the bar just because they refused to leave the dance floor!!! Guests that I thought would never dance, ended up out on the floor and having the time of their lives!! People were constantly asking me where I found him, people were going up to him and asking for his card, my dad was wanting to "Shazam" all of his songs on the floor, heck even my sister booked him for her own wedding THAT NIGHT! Ya'll, Jermaine Jennings is the real deal. He truly will transform your wedding into an unforgettable experience, he changes the game for real. Forever grateful for him, his talent and for making this the best night of our lives!


- Cassidy

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